Ollie & Finch was built on trust, motivation, family, and frozen pizza.

Our passion has always been how to use our skills to benefit others. We are two young, growing families and we love what we do. Always having an eye out for the little guy, the O&F vision is to create an easy (and dare we say, enjoyable) experience to mastering your brand. All at a cost you won't find anywhere else. Our mission began in early 2016 with an optimistic vision to create an app. Like many start up business', after weeks of dedication  we began to see a much bigger opportunity in front of us. With some diligent digging, long nights and early mornings, our goal came into focus; creating an easy and affordable way for anyone to design their own applications and boost marketing through social media. 

We believe that the human spirit is full of ingenuity and creativity. Art is simply the manifestation of your most unique you, and we would like to help show it to the world. We want to live in a time where ideas are no longer doodles on an old notepad, but beautifully crafted, touch-and-go experiences that all can enjoy. We hope to bring this service to you.

Lets change things.

The Ollie & Finch Team